Twitter Challenge – Pre-service Teachers

#PSTPLN – Pre-Service Teacher Twitter Challenge

Challenge 1:

  1. Introduce yourself to the #pstpln community. Send a tweet describing who you are and what you want to gain from this challenge.
  2. Send out a tweet that celebrates something that you learned or observed as a result of teaching today. Add the tags: #EDMG4403F17 and #pstpln
  3. Post your handle on the padlet wall –
  4. Reply to 1 other person posting using #pstpln #EDMG4403F17

Challenge 2:  #pstpln community Q & A

Write a tweet asking the #pstpln community a question. Remember to include #pstpln and #EDMG4403F17 in your tweet. Keep it professional! Think before you post!

Challenge 3: Tweet something of interest

  1. Find an interesting article/tool/website/resource online.
  2. Copy the URL address and tweet it out to your followers.
  3. Using relative hashtags (Ex: #edtech #science) and of course #pstpln and course #EDMG4403F17
  4. Respond to 2 peers’ posts.

Challenge 4:

Twitter chats are conversations that are labeled with a hashtag. They usually have a different theme or topic of discussion. We encourage you to participate in Twitter chats that are of interest to you and your content area/academic level. These chats occur at all times of the day and every day of the week so browse through the list included below in the Google Sites Education Chats calendar and select a chat that works with your schedule.           Chat Calendar           Official Chat List

Challenge 5:

Identify at least 5 people that you would recommend to others to follow. This can be new people from this challenge or individuals from your own PLN. Don’t forget to label your tweet with #pstpln and #EDMG4403F17. Check out what others are posting and add to your PLN.
This Twitter Challenge is an extension of the work of @SFecich and @conniehamilton to help show their students, preservice teachers (PST), the power of a PLN. They have participated in this for several semesters now and the collaboration and communication of this activity has changed both attitudes and skills of these future teachers by connecting them with educators on a professional level. “Please spread the word and thank you for joining us!”